10 nutritional supplements for baby

Each day, the mother would try to recruit baby food menu to not be monty ..?

In addition to rice as the main source of food, the mother can be supplemented with a variety of foods to eat a variety of health. Following here

10 nutritious supplements for beef

1. Peanut butter:

There are important nutrients such as beneficial fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals such as manganese, potassium and iron. The mother can give children a supplement from the baby is 6 months, but you have to be sure. I will not be allergic to these foods by checking the family history before me.

2. Eggs:

Eggs are considered a very special food for everyone. Really, since mothers start pregnancy, they must eat at least 1 egg a day to nourish the fetus. And when the baby starts to eat supplements, it must start with egg yolk first. In eggs, these nutrients are iron, folate and choline, which are proteins. High quality, including vitamins A, D and E, which is a part of the nervous system and brain of the child as well.

3. butter:

When it comes to butter, do not just think about fat. Butter can nourish the brain and nervous system well. And also assists in the absorption of vitamins, too. The use of cooking butter will make the food taste more aromatic and more with it.

4. Fish:

The supplement of the fish is definitely not fish meat. Eat once a week is good. Fish meat will nourish the nervous system and brain of my baby.

5. nuts:

It is suitable for everyone in the family not only with children only. Because the beans contain iron, folate, zinc, manganese, beans can be easily cooked, such as soup or boiled eggs.

6. Herbs:

Children over the age of 12 months can eat foods made from herbs, such as herbal juice or the main food to put a little.

7. Tofu:

It is a food for children who start eating supplements. Because it is soft, easy to swallow and taste good, too. Children can eat both tofu and eggs.

8. Bread:

Bread crisp bread made of wheat Bread is another important source of food allergies. If the child starts to get tired of eating, can eat bread instead. May be used to make jam, fruit, butter or sandwich is delicious and full of me.

9. Yogurt:

It is a natural source of food as well. If you eat yogurt, children will get high calcium and the digestive system is normal as well.

10. meat:

Children should eat meat regularly. Because meat is rich in iron and zinc. You can bring the meat to be boiled or boiled. To cook for children to eat rice every meal.

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