10 tips for breastfeeding Your mother after birth

Breastfeeding after mothers is normal for motherhood. Because nature has created the body of the mother milk. For parenting But sometimes breastfeeding is not easy for some mothers, because sometimes the milk flowing little or no flow. No breast milk enough to feed the baby. So, mothers who encounter these problems. We have a trick to leave it.

10 tips for breastfeeding Your mother after birth

1. Before and after the birth, do not wipe or rub clean. Too much nipple area

Because cleaning the area too much may cause the nipple to dry or crack. This causes the milk to flow less. I do not want to breastfeed.

2. Feed your baby immediately after birth in 1-2 hours.

After the baby should be fed immediately. To stimulate, and in the first 1-3 days with mother milk flowing. The milk is yellow. Also known as Colostrum, which is rich in benefits. The first baby should have sucked it.

3. Know how to allocate time to breastfeed.

The newborn will have a small stomach as the eggs are sucked in little by little, but will often be hungry because the breast milk is easy to digest. Observe the excretion. So you may need to breastfeed frequently in the early months, maybe 1-2 hours, it would be great. Because the more the suckling, the more it stimulates the flow of milk.

4. Do not worry that there is not enough milk to feed.

The baby is suckling enough to meet the needs of each child already. The more your baby grows up, the more milk it will flow. If the urine is not less than 6 times a day, it is normal. The baby has enough milk, of course.

5. Learn how to breastfeed.

If you have a good mother to breastfeeding Your mother will try to do everything for the baby to breastfeed. Because in the breast milk is a useful nutrient for my baby very much.

6. Care for the breast and nipple, always soft to breastfeed.

If your mother feels breast pain, breast augmentation should use a cloth moistened with warm water, it will make the milk flow better breast pain is reduced. If the nipple can be used to gently rub the nipple to reduce inflammation.

7. Drink water often, whether it is warm water. Or cold water can drink it all.

Water is an important part in the production of milk. Drink more water. The milk flowed better.

8. The nipple is important.

If the mother’s nipples are short or upside down, breastfeeding can be difficult. If you can not breastfeed your mother’s nipple. Mothers should choose to use breast milk products. And can also breastfeed as well.

9. Goal set to breast milk a few years.

This family has to help me. If you want to breastfeed, you should do as expected.

10. Set goals and achieve

Always think Want to breastfeed Want to pass love from mother to child. Always think about what to eat. Drinking milk will flow well. If I have the intention to milk the mother enough to suck my course.

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