12 cologne appeal to girls

Not many people Shop by ad Of course, most of it is over-advertised. In the past, many people would have seen perfume advertising. Specified as pheromone. That helped change the status of male friends. To become a lover is easy before they make you shaken. Let’s see the facts about pheromones before.

Pheromone is a chemical. Where animals emit to attract the opposite sex When they need to breed animals, there is no hassle in dating, talking dress-up. It just released the pheromone, and then mated.

The release of the animal’s pheromone. There are other reasons, such as the kingdom declaration. Tracking victim Including the insect. Tell other female insects to spawn. It can be seen that pheromones actually have many kinds. But as we often say Is about attracting the opposite sex

No matter what you think about pheromones. One thing is certainly true. Humans have an odor response. Some fragrances stimulate emotions. Some odors also affect behavior. Which we ourselves are sometimes unable to explain. Than we grow up to be adults. We get to know the smell and save it in memory. By our brains. It can store up to 2,000 to 4,000 odors.

And the cologne 12 scents here. It has been said that it is the smell that makes girls passionate, stimulates their emotions. By not using pheromones. But have mixed something. The result in attracting. And satisfying the opposite sex is similar to the features of pheromones in animals.

1. Nautica Voyage This scent is the scent of a refreshing and refreshing man, one of the best selling cologne in the Amazon. It is a blend of Green Leaf, Apple MIMOZA, SODA, lotus juice, and many other ingredients that make the user a beach man.

2. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is the scent of warm, luxurious, refreshing, lavender men. Mix with the warmth of vanilla. This will make you a guy that girls want to be near.

3. Versace Pour Homme Versace Pour Homme This bottle of Versace goes well with all men. The distinctive aroma of citrus fruits, mixed with Geraniums, Musk and Amber helps refresh. And indicate the masculinity.

4. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste This fragrance is pure, pure and clean. It is suitable for night work, partying and various other elegant works. Rose call Feel a gentle man. As well as refreshing a refreshing break into a classic cologne that enhances the sense of elegance to the user.

5. Hugh Parsons Kings Road The Cologne producer, Hugh Parsons, says that when used, you will smell like a king. By combining the scent of grapes, bergamot, lavender and rosemary, the smell is not too hot and not too aromatic. It also has a long lasting aroma. Make you smell the king with you all day.

6. Frederic Malle Cologne Indelebile is a Cologne-based ingredient of bergamot and lemon, making it different from other aromatic fruit flavors. Orange blossom, essential oil, orange blossom and musk are really good for men and women.

7. Odori Eau De Toilette This scent was inspired by the city of Forrestal, Italy, with a combination of Zida, Lemongrass, Lavender, Bergamot, Amber, Vanilla and Seek together to make both. It is refreshing and warm, and surprisingly satisfying to the girls.

8. Par 4 By Detaille For Men Whether you like to play golf or not. Cologne smell. It’s worth the purchase. The theme of the scent is aroma and aromatic plants. T-Tree and Seek is a doctor’s water for men. Used to feel good quality men.

9. St James Of London Cedarwood is ideal for those who like to smell outdoors. There is a hot spicy peppers. And sweetness of roses Including the freshness of the gurantee, there is also Zeta Atlas, which gives the tone of nature. It is called 100% natural cologne, not alcoholic and parabolic, and it is a fragrance that lasts all day long.

10. Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne Cologne It comes in a liquid form. But for this smell. Is a solid cologne No need to spray. A dry koon The blend of jojoba oil, butter, and beeswax. Emphasis on mandarin A mixture of sandalwood. Herbs, cloves and leather are considered a major competitor of the Cologne type liquid.

11. L’Occitane Lavender Eau de Cologne is a very interesting alternative to odor. A blend of lavender And the sour fruit is soft, refreshing. Suitable for summer It is a smell when used and the girls say they want to be nearby.

12. Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette This fragrance is one of myths that is classified as a legend. Contains attractive ingredients of lavender and pineapple, a refreshing blend of apple aroma, roseberry, jeranium blend perfectly. There is also a man with sandalwood and tons of confidence and power. The price is 88 US dollars at Amazon.com.

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