5 advantages of sauna

Ever wondered why Fitness Fitness has a sauna that simply means it’s good for a post-exercise session? Because of the heat in the room, the muscles relax the tension. But is the benefit really there? Not really, because the benefits of the sauna is much more. Otherwise, people will invest a hundred thousand. Create a hot room Let’s sit and take the cloth to the egg to why.

1. strong heart

When studies from cold weather Finland found that saunas have positive effects on heart function and reduce the risk of heart disease. When they found out that the sauna 4-7 times a week reduced the risk of the disease by 50 percent compared to the sauna people only once a week. Because when people’s body temperature rises. The heart rate will beat faster as well. Unlike moderate exercise, the heart rate is 100-150 times per minute, resulting in better blood flow. Not a stroke. Heart friendly

2. good for muscles

To answer the question of why fitness has a sauna. It’s because the sauna allows the muscles to relax faster. Because when the blood flow well. These bloods transport nutrients and oxygen to the muscles that are tired and hurt by being heavily used. Make the body recover faster. It also helps to exercise with it. Because our body has a degree of heat resistance. Access to the sauna will increase the level of this up. Effect on the sport. You will feel tired. I also have good.

Expel toxins and stress.

One of the classic ways that humans eliminate toxins from the body is sweat. So sweating in your 20-minute sauna is not wasted. You will feel the pores open with sweat pits popping up on the skin. First followed by the level of Kan. It also helps clear the mind. After Oklahoma State University, a group of people who undergo stress therapy, together with a sauna. The results showed that the saunas were less stressful than those who did not.

4. better skin

It is not difficult to understand because the sauna stimulates the flow of blood. Especially the surface area is important. The blood that will nourish the skin and eliminate dead cells. While oil is naturally produced, it helps in hydration and inhibits bacteria. Make your face look youthful.

5. Increase immunity.

Good blood circulation. (Note that the main The benefits of blood circulation.) This is because the sauna helps produce white blood cells that fight against foreign bodies in the body such as germs. People who enter the sauna regularly have large amounts of white blood cells. Help to keep healthy And when is sick They will be lost more than others.

20 minutes

Is the right time for the sauna. After research has found that the sauna for a long time affected the amount of male sperm. And drink 2-3 glasses of water after the sauna.

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