Detian Waterfall China-Vietnam border Gorgeous in nature

Watch the splendor of Detian Waterfall (China-Vietnam border). It is the most beautiful and beautiful waterfall in Asia. It is one of the closest to Thailand not to miss.


Invite to see the beauty of the waterfall Deodorant. In addition to being in the midst of the beautiful green forest, It is located between the border of two countries, China and Vietnam. Not only has great grandeur. It is the largest border waterfall in Asia.

Detian Waterfall or the Vietnamese side called Ban Gioc Waterfall is located on the Quay Son River between the China-Vietnam border. In the area of ​​Tezuka, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China, and Dam Thuy District, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam. Which is away from the city of Nanning. The city of Guangxi is about 145 km away and about 80 km from downtown GaoBang.

Tee Tao Waterfall Caused by the different levels of the river. It is about 200 meters wide and 30-70 meters high. If viewed from the top, the waterfall on the Vietnamese side is a one-story waterfall. The waterfall is flowing down beautifully. The side of the Chinese side is divided into three layers, flowing down and down great.

In addition to the greatness of this waterfall. What makes Teuton waterfall more impressive is that the water is emerald green. And the nature of the fertile forests that surround the waterfall.

The bottom of the waterfall is made of wooden bridge. Let visitors have a close walk. Or if you want to experience this waterfall to more. It is possible to sit a bamboo raft to see the greatness of this waterfall.

Traveling from Thailand, if the most convenient, take a plane to Hanoi. Vietnam Then take the bus to the glue town. Then take a minibus to the Deodoro Waterfall.

Who has the opportunity to go to North Vietnam or visit the city of China’s Guangxi Zhuang. Do not miss to visit the beauty of the waterfall Tao once again. Believe you will definitely love this place.

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