Exercise regularly, but weight is not reduced (there is a solution !!).

Many people may wonder about how to exercise their own. Why weight does not decrease Or no muscle increase at all. Both tried to exercise regularly through 2-3 months, everything is no different from the original.

Who has this problem? We want to see that before. Actually your exercise does not work as well as it should. Comes from these seven errors? If yes … we have a solution to introduce. You can take to modify behavior. So all the sweat that is wasted is not wasted.

Do not add new challenges. To exercise
Whether you exercise by running or playing a spell. The body will use a lot of energy and muscle to feel at first. But just a moment to go. When the body adjusts. If you continue to exercise the same. To say that it will not produce the desired results. Because the body does not develop more capacity.

Solution: Add a challenge to the body. By increasing the running distance. Or increase the magic weight Or increase the concentration of other types of exercise you do.

Eat wrong carbohydrates.
Many people already know that already. Carbohydrates are an important energy source for exercise. But some people choose to eat poor carbohydrates. From diets such as white rice, white rice and pasta, etc., the carbohydrates are stored in the body in the form of fat. Instead of turning it into energy.

Solution: Eat unprocessed food. Be it brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and whole grain bread. Which will give good carbohydrates. The body can be used as energy to exercise better.

Iron intake is not enough for the body’s needs.
In addition to consuming the right amount of carbohydrates. Choosing foods that contain iron is important as well. Because iron acts to transport oxygen to various muscles. This results in better fatigue tolerance. Research in the journal Quality of Life Research found that the cause of muscle weakness is easy. Because the body lack iron.

Solution: Eat foods rich in iron. Enough to meet the needs of the body. For example, beef, pork, green leafy vegetables and beans.

Exercise the wrong way
Excessive exercise not only puts you at risk of injury. But it also does not reach the goal of exercise placed. Whether weight loss or muscle building.

Solution: Anyone who has just exercised is not long. Or do not know how to train properly. Always consult with the Trainer.

not enough rest
Research published in the journal Sports Medicine found that sleep less than 7 hours continuous. The body is not resting fully. As a result, muscles recover slowly. When going to exercise, it will feel very easy obviously.

Solution: Relax at least 8 hours a day, so your body produces enough hormone to repair muscle.

Do not stretch before exercising.
For people who have just not been to the gym. I did not get much muscle pain. That may be because the muscles are not flexible enough. Cause pain and may be torn muscles at all.

Solution: Stretch the muscles before each exercise for 5 minutes to warm the body and increase flexibility to the muscles.

Take a break between sets longer than
In general The break between sets will take about 30 seconds or more, but not more than 90 seconds, then train the set. It helps the muscles be managed continuously. But if you stay too long. May cause muscles are not ready to work again. To keep the muscles flexible and ready for training again.

Solution: It’s easy and clear that you should not stay between sets longer than 90 seconds.

When you know this. Who wants to exercise to be effective and most effective. Let’s consider the mistake. Then navigate these solutions to deploy. Believe it if you can, and be serious. It will help you to accomplish your goals.

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