Facts before planning your trip to Russia. Easier to travel by yourself.

How to prepare for a trip to Russia Ready to learn about Russia. To make planning a trip to Russia is even easier. Go on an adventure with the White Bear City. Let’s see Russia here.


Russia is considered as the dream country of many people. Because there are a variety of cultural, architectural and natural attractions. But going on a trip to Russia by yourself seems like too hard for some people. But it is not too hard for anyone who really wants to go today, we have gathered a little bit of information about Russia to leave it. What is interesting and useful in your trip to Russia to see it.

1. Russia (Russia) is the largest country in the world. A total of approximately 17,075,200 square kilometers. Therefore, this country will have a variety of tourist attractions to us to find each other.

2. Largest city in Russia And also the capital. It is also the center of economy, commerce, education, tourism, etc. It is the city of Moscow.

3. Thai people go to Russia without a visa (Stay up to 30 days) with just a passport and money to go.

4. Russian money will be used in the Russian ruble (RUR) 1 Russian ruble = 0.60 USD (as of 15 March 2017)

5. Tourists visiting Russia should have a credit card. Because it should not be carrying a lot of cash to go and should be approved for additional credit in the case of a minimum limit. Because Russia is the most expensive country in the world. Therefore, if the cash is not enough, rely on your credit card. And should consult with the bank that we hold credit card before it. Can it be used in Russia?

6. The right time to travel to Russia. For Thai people, it must be said that summer should be the best. (Between June and August) because the weather is cool. Not too cold

7. Holidays in Russia Always carry your passport and identity documents with you at all times. Because perhaps the police came to check.

8. Russia uses a 220 volt power supply as a two-pin plug. Anybody who has a lot of electronics should also prepare a Universal Adapter.

9. For anyone who wants to buy a SIM phone to use the Internet. Can be purchased from the airport. And have to use a passport as well. Do not forget

10. If you think you do not want to surf the internet that much, then you can use Wi-Fi at home. But we recommend that you buy a better SIM card. Available for emergency use. Because some places do not have English. Russians are not allowed to speak English. I have more peace of mind.

11. Russian Accommodation In big cities like Moscow St. Petersburg and Kazan will have a wide selection of accommodations. Start from homestay guest house to luxury hotel. But most tourists prefer to stay in a hostel. Because the hostel is usually close to the BTS station. Has full facilities. Although not very personal. But the price is enough. And left to take a trip to eat good of Russia as well.

12. Regular medicine and home remedies should be prepared. Because the name of the Russian drug is quite difficult. Than to buy May be a waste of time.

13. Russian people may be proud of the tourists are not smiling (it is difficult to smile because of cold weather). And the smiles of those who do not know are a mystery to the Russians.) But in truth, if you know how to talk, you know that the Russian people are kind and very warm.

14. Russian people will use Russian as their main language. But do not worry. Because modern Russian people can communicate fluently in English. And according to major tourist attractions, there are English directed.

15. Russian people like to drink alcohol like wine, vodka, beer, etc., because the Russian climate is quite cold. So drink alcohol to keep the body warm.

16. Russian girl named the most beautiful in the world. If anyone has seen with their own eyes, tell them that they must fall in love.

17. Dress to go to Russia I must say that I prepared a sweater to it. No matter what season it is. Russia is cold for the Thai people. Because the weather is about 15 degrees, the colder the winter will be. And Russian people tend to wear black tone. If you do not want to see the odd, then the black tone is better.

18. If anyone is going to visit big cities like Moscow, it will be convenient. Because there are Metro (Metro) service to be able to travel around the city ever. If you want to travel around the city like St. Petersburg. Most tourists use the train service. Night ticket booking To sleep on the train It will save you money with. Oh … the train here is very timely. Leave a comment

19. Night out, should go to a group. Should not be back after eight o’clock.

20. Take the subway or go sightseeing on crowded tourist attractions. Be careful of bags and valuables.

21. Russian food is considered as one of the countries where there is a very rich diet of meat, vegetables and flour. Not to be missed are Borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Blini, Caviar, Olivier salad, Beef Plov, Shashlik or Pelmini etc.

22. If you eat at a restaurant or use a service, tips for at least 10%

23. Russian drinking water often mixes gas. If you do not mix gas, it will be mineral water. Do not drink water from the faucet. Because many people say that it is not clean.

24. Russia’s must-see tourist destination is Moscow. There are many beautiful Moscow attractions, including The Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow Metro, Pushkin Square, Christ the Savior Cathedral, The State Tretyakov Gallery, etc.

25. Other interesting Russian attractions include Kizhi Island, St. Sophia Cathedral, Lake Baikal, Hermitage Museum, Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg.

26. Russian souvenirs, the most not to miss in buying a backpack is the Matryoshka doll, a doll made of wood, is beautifully patterned. There are also many other interesting Russian souvenirs, such as Russian Platok, Russian Birch Bark, Valenki Boots, Vodka, Caviar, local wines. And fur hat

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