How to dress Not to exceed man

Everybody knows that men nowadays must know how to dress up a civilized cast, but look to see how young ladies have to learn the fashion so that young ladies like us have to surrender, do not let the boys. ChicMinistry to suggest the bright light, select the cool accessories that you should have a fit but not more than enough.


1. Watch at least you guys should have a few. Including silver metal watch. Brown leather strap And black leather strap All three of you Should choose a sleek design. Work well And if possible Should choose genuine leather crocodile leather “Daddy” fake quickly take away the store. But if you choose a complicated mechanism. There is a marumel band full of dials. It should be a brand that is unique to the watch, especially called Watch Brand. To go back to the brand name or sports watch to wear it does not break the rules. By the way Young man working in a tie suit Please avoid the clock face swell. Because it makes the guard out of the sleeve or move the wood. The watch is on the edge of the sleeve to see the bulge out. And even if you are a true fan of scuba diving. Do not put watch for diving with work uniforms, do not believe to be chased to ride the metro black sky all day.

2. Eyewear. Not a living aid in the eyes. (If so, it is suggested to go to a lap.) If you look at a young tee with a clean character, rounded glasses are not a great option is not a little. But be careful about your hairstyle or dress up a bit. May become nouveau Black Cat or Billy O’Grady era when children do not have children. There will be girls Come back to the channel “Ma-chan”. Or if the call is not universal. “Big Tee” (known only in the country) can pick up the character to be acute. But there should be other ingredients, such as dress up some. Trousers The shirt is a little shirt with a pair of pants in the pants to change the glasses before the glasses are also suitable for standard Thai men. (Means height) because if it grows too You will become a big tee. Or hero movie, I do not know the age of the writer.

3. Grid Link or call home language. Cufflinks Do not make any shirt that has a button. Show that I do not know Because the shirt is cut and the shirt is good, the sleeves are punctured for the belt. Allegedly for the elite with the clan badge. Will have to order a unique cufflinks. But this time, the finished link is sold as much. With the clip clip, but choose to choose a simple design. Silver set Then design a graphic, square, circle, hexagon or brand logo. But if I’m bored Choose a shade or soft gem with a spot that is enough to remember that you are not confident in your own dress. Do not choose a bright pattern. That day, the heavyweight. A lot of wrist Who will know that there is no wife to help mix and match.

Warning! Actually, David Beckham put diamonds, but ordinary people ordinary land. Male with diamond is not a soul. Especially the ring with brilliant diamonds. If not a brand like Cartier or Bvlgary, which is often designed as a diamond engagement ring, do not put more diamonds. Waving goodbye to the ring necklace, watch glasses, earrings, if you come together, be careful.

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