How to grow vegetables in the pot garden. For a limited space home

Gardening vegetables in pots Is the perfect choice For those who have limited space, this method will allow us to have a vegetable garden to eat in addition to being both economical. Vegetables are not eaten. It also makes the area of ​​our condo or apartment look fresh.

Vegetable garden in this pot We can grow No matter how limited the area, but there are techniques to choose pots. Or container to put. Include the type of vegetation. That’s right

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No matter what your garden will be. Planting in containers is a good choice. Because it will help solve the problem of weeds. And the root choke root has gone in. The key is the container to be used. Must be large enough to accommodate crops. Or vegetables we want to plant. Most vegetables require about 15-18 inches in width and depth.

For the tropics Or in the summer The container color is a light color. It helps to keep the temperature of the roots of light plants will not overheat. But if you are in the cold. Or winter Choose a dark pot. It helps maintain warm temperatures for soil and roots.

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Growing vegetables in this pot. To pay attention to drainage. Of course, it is important to choose pots as well. Experts suggest that. Choose a pot with drainage holes, or if not, then drill holes. So that the water can drain out. Pots or some containers It is difficult to drill holes. So the choice In addition to looking at the format. And beautiful Look at the ease of use.

Plants or vegetables with medium size trunk up. We must ensure that pots are sufficiently planted to support the roots of the plant. Selection of soils can also select the soil that has been successfully mixed. These soils are designed to drain well. But if you want to mix yourself. So avoid the soil. The ideal soil should be composed of peat moss or coconut residue 40 percent, good quality 50 percent soil and 10 percent perlite. Or volcanic stone Soil containing these components. It can maintain a good moisture. Quick drain And moderately abundant.

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Do not try to dig the soil from the garden to the pot. Because the soil on the ground. There are different features. Not suitable for planting vegetables in pots. Soil from the ground is heavier and heavier than the soil. Should be used for growing plants in pots.

For large plants Should choose a large pot. When the placement should be proportionate. The size of the pot supports the growth of the root. And may require the use of fertilizers, fertilizers or nutrients. Provide fertility To make the plants grow and flourish. Or yield good

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