Is the ‘vibratory exercise’ help with the treatment of ‘diabetes’?

Research reveals that vibratory exercise machines are beneficial for diabetes mellitus as well as general exercise.

The scientists say. Whole Body Vibration Exercise or shortly called the WBV will send energy through the body, the user may be sitting or lying on the device that vibrates lightly. Makes the muscles more flexible and relaxed in a few seconds.

And from research in rats, WBV has helped the muscles of rats to get stronger and increase muscle mass. Improves the ability to control blood sugar. And other issues Found in patients with diabetes.

A team of researchers at the University of Augusta in the United States This study was conducted in rats aged 5 weeks by comparison of three male rats.

Group exercise with vibratory exercise machine. And the second group Exercise by running on the runner and inside the cage, with rats, both normal mice and mice, to breed as fat mice.

Researchers took diabetic rats to the shaking device for 20 minutes a day for 12 consecutive weeks.

Another group of rats were diabetic rats and healthy mice. Was trained to run on the machine ran 45 minutes a day for a total of 12 weeks

And third group mice There are both diabetic and rats. Did not exercise

After 12 weeks The research team has compared the health of the three rats.

Meghan McGee-Lawrence Researchers at the University of Augusta said, “The team found that. Diabetic mice running on running machines With diabetic mice using vibrating exercise machines. Get the same health benefits. ”

Meghan McGee-Lawrence For example, one of the same results found in rats exercising with running on running machines. With rats using exercise machines vibrate. Both mice reduced the amount of fat in the liver. Can produce better insulin. This helps regulate blood sugar levels.

And both groups have increased muscle mass.

Researchers point out that. In the case of diabetic rats, in both trials, fatty liver was reduced. And control of blood sugar is better. But these mice will not heal normally or be healthy as other mice.

During the trial The researchers weighed each week. And after the trial ends The team found that diabetic rats, the exercise group shake. And the group ran on the runner. Weight gain was lower than rats who did not exercise at all.

In this study published in the journal. Recent Endocrinology, McGee-Lawrence says, is currently being investigated by a team of researchers. What are the factors for diabetic rats to exercise with vibrator? And running on the runner Have better diabetes symptoms

I think the exercise machine vibrates both the chair and bed. You can buy it, but McGee-Lawrence The researchers warned. Patients should not use a regular exercise machine vibrate themselves. To improve the symptoms of diabetes.

Meghan McGee-Lawrence said, “It is understood that the use of vibrating exercise equipment to a certain extent has a beneficial effect on the body. But excessive use may be a disadvantage. Researchers suggest that further research is needed.

If the team found that. Vibrating exercise machines have the same health benefits as rats, says Meghan McGee-Lawrence.

“Shaking exercise machines may become a way to supplement diabetes in the future.”

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