Pros and Cons Of the electric throttle

Today, manufacturers of camps are trying to invent and implement technologies. Into gimmicky And attract consumers to turn their attention. Or to buy more of their camp car. One of those technologies is the electric throttle.

If it is an old car. There will be a sling inside the engine room. Which, then, it may be cluttered. Customize hard work. Or maybe it’s distorted if the nuts are badly adjusted. But for new models. Mostly equipped with a gas pedal as a standard equipment. Because it works more precisely. Adjustable to a certain level.

The operation of the electric throttle system is not as difficult as before. Because the wires are connected between the throttle body. That is responsible for And send the signal to the ECU box to get it processed. Then signal to the accelerator. That controls the opening and closing degrees By the percentage of the accelerator pedal, such as pedal to half throttle. The accelerator tongue will only open 50 percent there.

Advantages of electric throttle It can be set independently. Both throttle and accelerator tongue are also smoother than previous accelerator. Because it does not have to use a lot of parts. There is no friction in the sling system to interrupt the pedal during acceleration.

Disadvantages of electric throttle Maybe not like someone who likes to step hard because of the response of the accelerator. It is set to be quite slow. The pedal is not fast enough to follow the foot to press deep, also known as Kick Down (Kick Down), which is why the car set up. It’s because of security concerns. Control, etc.

How to increase the power of electric throttle It is not difficult. The easiest is Put the electric throttle control box. There are now a lot of brands to choose from, but this box is worth the price difference. Both are expensive, but the brand and quality by the well-known brands are D1 SPEC, ECU SHOP, DATA TEC, etc.

Finally, check the condition of the car is ready to use all the time. Check the schedule every time. And if anything goes wrong. Should check Czech Do not leave for long. Because it may have escaped.

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