The MacBook Pro 13 “Late 2016, no Touch Bar, with a look into the future of the notebook.

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For the followers of the MacBook Pro products will always be watching the launch of Apple’s time to change the design, because Apple still choose the appearance of the same uniform. The focus has changed, but the specification has come many years. Until the launch of the end of last year, Apple has the design of the MacBook Pro seriously defeated. In addition to changing the look of the specification, it is also called a turning to use the notebook ever. By capturing technology that will become a standard in the future, USB-C will become the main interface of the device as well as the MacBook 12 “as well as the new Touch Bar technology.

It is a point of interest. How will Apple’s changes affect the behavior of the notebook? It’s the same with the NotebookSPEC team to change the notebook from the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro 13 “Late 2016 version without the Touch Bar is a chance to get a review of the MacBook Pro 13” Late 2016 with no Touch Bar. You can watch it with the MacBook Pro 13 “Late 2016 latest version. Prices in Thailand will start at 56,900 baht together.

The specification of the MacBook Pro 13 “Late 2016 version without touch bar, I would like to make a table with the specifications of the MacBook Pro 13” Early 2015, which is the latest version before it. I can compare the difference.

Of course, the new MacBook Pro must come with newer hardware. Starting with the most advanced processor chip, the Intel Core i5-6360U in the Skylake architecture continues to use the U series. Traditionally, the graphics chip has been upgraded to the new Intel® Iris Graphics 540. The level of separation of the chips as the NVIDIA GeForce GT920MX. The RAM of the original version is still the DDR3 1866 MHz bus memory capacity is the same, but if the MacBook Pro version with Touch Bar will come with 2133 MHz RAM bus instead. Although the title screen size and resolution as the original. But this cycle comes with increased brightness from older models. And can show more colors than the old version with some weight down the machine down.

But there are points that could make those who are deciding or aiming. It is a bit of a waste of time, it is the port of connection of the new MacBook Pro was dropped USB-C is the main only. Including the battery with a micro-scale from the previous version clearly, in this article, Apple claims that even if the battery capacity is reduced. But it still works the same way. Because of various hardware. The rate of energy consumption is reduced. It makes the battery last longer.

Now, it’s one of the questions I’ve had with myself before buying. Including the many questions in mind that is.
“If you buy a MacBook Pro now buy a new version without a Touch Bar, or buy an older version with a good port.”
If a neutral reason. You would have to use each of them. Need to connect multiple devices. Are pieces together? Especially the USB device is usually connected to the screen via HDMI or also need to use the SD card regularly if your behavior is this. The ideal option would be the MacBook Pro Early 2015, but I do not think that many devices simultaneously. Are ready to purchase adapters and converters. As you need to buy a MacBook Pro Late 2016 to make it. Because of various technologies. The machine is suitable for the application to be long. Many many years. Get a better screen. Slimmer and lighter than ever before.

But if my personal reasons are similar to the above, but added one more. That’s about the SSD capacity, because around this time, I needed a 256GB machine, but the older MBP models will come with 128GB SSDs only if they are upgraded from the factory. The price will go up to 57,900 baht, which is more expensive than the MBP 13 “Late 2016 with the SSD in the machine for the first version of the 256GB is 1,000 baht, and the channel I was referring to the converter from the web. Online representative The USB-C to HDMI / USB / USB-C adapter is required for charging (the main one). If I use an SD card, I have a USB 3.0 card reader. And I ordered a USB- C to USB normally from Apple at a discount. There is no problem in the device itself. So I bought a new version instead of USB-C does not care. Because it will become the main port of IT equipment within 2-3 years, of course. Especially computers, smartphones, tablets and accessories.

The MBP 13 “Late 2016’s design guidelines still have the layout of many previous versions as well. But there are a number of details that make it very easy to notice the difference, such as the Apple logo on the back of the mirror reflecting aluminum. Unlike in the previous generation is a white light, the highlight of the MacBook for a long time. For the color of the review will be the Gray Space Gray, which is the first time that Apple has applied this color to products in the MacBook Pro group. Compare the color intensity in the picture with the iPad mini. It’s really dark. The material is very smooth aluminum. Apple’s all-out-of-the-box Apple iPhone

Flip to the bottom, you will find the bottom bracket bolts in many positions. There is another point that has changed. It is the ridge in the bottom image that normally in the previous version of the MacBook is black plastic. To be a good point to receive the signal, but as the current MBP becomes the same color and color as the body.

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