12 cologne appeal to girls

Not many people Shop by ad Of course, most of it is over-advertised. In the past, many people would have seen perfume advertising. Specified as pheromone. That helped change the status of male friends. To become a lover is easy before they make you shaken. Let’s see the facts about pheromones before.

Pheromone is a chemical. Where animals emit to attract the opposite sex When they need to breed animals, there is no hassle in dating, talking dress-up. It just released the pheromone, and then mated.

The release of the animal’s pheromone. There are other reasons, such as the kingdom declaration. Tracking victim Including the insect. Tell other female insects to spawn. It can be seen that pheromones actually have many kinds. But as we often say Is about attracting the opposite sex

No matter what you think about pheromones. One thing is certainly true. Humans have an odor response. Some fragrances stimulate emotions. Some odors also affect behavior. Which we ourselves are sometimes unable to explain. Than we grow up to be adults. We get to know the smell and save it in memory. By our brains. It can store up to 2,000 to 4,000 odors.

And the cologne 12 scents here. It has been said that it is the smell that makes girls passionate, stimulates their emotions. By not using pheromones. But have mixed something. The result in attracting. And satisfying the opposite sex is similar to the features of pheromones in animals.

1. Nautica Voyage This scent is the scent of a refreshing and refreshing man, one of the best selling cologne in the Amazon. It is a blend of Green Leaf, Apple MIMOZA, SODA, lotus juice, and many other ingredients that make the user a beach man.

2. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is the scent of warm, luxurious, refreshing, lavender men. Mix with the warmth of vanilla. This will make you a guy that girls want to be near.

3. Versace Pour Homme Versace Pour Homme This bottle of Versace goes well with all men. The distinctive aroma of citrus fruits, mixed with Geraniums, Musk and Amber helps refresh. And indicate the masculinity.

4. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste This fragrance is pure, pure and clean. It is suitable for night work, partying and various other elegant works. Rose call Feel a gentle man. As well as refreshing a refreshing break into a classic cologne that enhances the sense of elegance to the user.

5. Hugh Parsons Kings Road The Cologne producer, Hugh Parsons, says that when used, you will smell like a king. By combining the scent of grapes, bergamot, lavender and rosemary, the smell is not too hot and not too aromatic. It also has a long lasting aroma. Make you smell the king with you all day.

6. Frederic Malle Cologne Indelebile is a Cologne-based ingredient of bergamot and lemon, making it different from other aromatic fruit flavors. Orange blossom, essential oil, orange blossom and musk are really good for men and women.

7. Odori Eau De Toilette This scent was inspired by the city of Forrestal, Italy, with a combination of Zida, Lemongrass, Lavender, Bergamot, Amber, Vanilla and Seek together to make both. It is refreshing and warm, and surprisingly satisfying to the girls.

8. Par 4 By Detaille For Men Whether you like to play golf or not. Cologne smell. It’s worth the purchase. The theme of the scent is aroma and aromatic plants. T-Tree and Seek is a doctor’s water for men. Used to feel good quality men.

9. St James Of London Cedarwood is ideal for those who like to smell outdoors. There is a hot spicy peppers. And sweetness of roses Including the freshness of the gurantee, there is also Zeta Atlas, which gives the tone of nature. It is called 100% natural cologne, not alcoholic and parabolic, and it is a fragrance that lasts all day long.

10. Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne Cologne It comes in a liquid form. But for this smell. Is a solid cologne No need to spray. A dry koon The blend of jojoba oil, butter, and beeswax. Emphasis on mandarin A mixture of sandalwood. Herbs, cloves and leather are considered a major competitor of the Cologne type liquid.

11. L’Occitane Lavender Eau de Cologne is a very interesting alternative to odor. A blend of lavender And the sour fruit is soft, refreshing. Suitable for summer It is a smell when used and the girls say they want to be nearby.

12. Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette This fragrance is one of myths that is classified as a legend. Contains attractive ingredients of lavender and pineapple, a refreshing blend of apple aroma, roseberry, jeranium blend perfectly. There is also a man with sandalwood and tons of confidence and power. The price is 88 US dollars at Amazon.com.

How to dress Not to exceed man

Everybody knows that men nowadays must know how to dress up a civilized cast, but look to see how young ladies have to learn the fashion so that young ladies like us have to surrender, do not let the boys. ChicMinistry to suggest the bright light, select the cool accessories that you should have a fit but not more than enough.


1. Watch at least you guys should have a few. Including silver metal watch. Brown leather strap And black leather strap All three of you Should choose a sleek design. Work well And if possible Should choose genuine leather crocodile leather “Daddy” fake quickly take away the store. But if you choose a complicated mechanism. There is a marumel band full of dials. It should be a brand that is unique to the watch, especially called Watch Brand. To go back to the brand name or sports watch to wear it does not break the rules. By the way Young man working in a tie suit Please avoid the clock face swell. Because it makes the guard out of the sleeve or move the wood. The watch is on the edge of the sleeve to see the bulge out. And even if you are a true fan of scuba diving. Do not put watch for diving with work uniforms, do not believe to be chased to ride the metro black sky all day.

2. Eyewear. Not a living aid in the eyes. (If so, it is suggested to go to a lap.) If you look at a young tee with a clean character, rounded glasses are not a great option is not a little. But be careful about your hairstyle or dress up a bit. May become nouveau Black Cat or Billy O’Grady era when children do not have children. There will be girls Come back to the channel “Ma-chan”. Or if the call is not universal. “Big Tee” (known only in the country) can pick up the character to be acute. But there should be other ingredients, such as dress up some. Trousers The shirt is a little shirt with a pair of pants in the pants to change the glasses before the glasses are also suitable for standard Thai men. (Means height) because if it grows too You will become a big tee. Or hero movie, I do not know the age of the writer.

3. Grid Link or call home language. Cufflinks Do not make any shirt that has a button. Show that I do not know Because the shirt is cut and the shirt is good, the sleeves are punctured for the belt. Allegedly for the elite with the clan badge. Will have to order a unique cufflinks. But this time, the finished link is sold as much. With the clip clip, but choose to choose a simple design. Silver set Then design a graphic, square, circle, hexagon or brand logo. But if I’m bored Choose a shade or soft gem with a spot that is enough to remember that you are not confident in your own dress. Do not choose a bright pattern. That day, the heavyweight. A lot of wrist Who will know that there is no wife to help mix and match.

Warning! Actually, David Beckham put diamonds, but ordinary people ordinary land. Male with diamond is not a soul. Especially the ring with brilliant diamonds. If not a brand like Cartier or Bvlgary, which is often designed as a diamond engagement ring, do not put more diamonds. Waving goodbye to the ring necklace, watch glasses, earrings, if you come together, be careful.

Four types of youth should wear. How to wear a T-shirt Cool Cool

The Polo
Once upon a time ago Polo shirts have been the uniform of the athletes and the Geek or the school youth. But when the campaign of “Polo Ralph Lauren” hit the fashion industry. A polo shirt or a t-shirt is not a choice for a narrow group anymore. The boys must have or should have had a polo shirt in their closet on the day of despair. It’s easy to tie polo shirts to any other clothing, especially during the summer when the Lacoste brand will be releasing a new collection of gigs. Colorful colors to choose from. Just surf that up. Do not dominate Luke Prepy from head to toe. Type of polo shirt Four Scottish pants if the accessories are not true or wear braces. Fashion industry predicts that “out” Sure.

The Nautical Tee
Coco Chanel is inspired by the fishermen who are fishing on the nets. It is the birthplace of her to grab this classic European look in everyday life. T-shirt with long sleeves, lightweight diagonal stripes. Ideal for young people who are going to study in Nice. Or watch the sunset Monaco, but if the bag is not that heavy. Exit to Yacht Club Pattaya or Hua Hin is still enough. By the way Please explore your body with a perfect face if it is too loose to wear this shirt. Keep putting the national ancestry, it is also not important that the crossed striped shirt is the logo of the summer or leisure. Please keep the calendar that filed in September.

The Screen T-Shirt
Hit the teen market spread from Siam Suan Lum Night Chatuchak Yan Zeer Rangsit Screen chic can attract attention from the eyes of the good. I also convey the “baptism” in the person with a “substance” that is designed as a screen. For safety Recommended to choose the screen as the abstract is better than the type of text “love to read” the movie is not good. There is hope to limit the territory to the metropolitan area before buying, please try to catch a little fabric. Choose a soft cloth. Do not go easy, easy to wash, not wrinkled, and then attached to the body is a Selective person.

Fine patterns often have more than one. Day to hang out with single ladies gang Choose a match with a Blazer or a nice color jeans.

The Granddad T-Shirt
T-shirt has two to three buttons. Is a uniform that reminds the American eye. Do not be afraid to ask for the uniform of the old people, because this shirt is designed to have the shape and texture that promotes the humor of the boys’ hands, especially the chest. The neck line will focus on the “muscles” that men are tucked out to stand out more than ever. Young crazy fitness should have at least one cabinet. Choose matches on the day you feel fit and active. And please refrain from adding flour and lip it.

Come on with the story of perfume with men.

The style is hot and we think it suits the boys. In this era is the most Understated Style or the definition of fashion is not a lot. Do not speak loud Sanook! Men has talked about the style of clothing under the style of Understated Style from the boldness of the Ax Black Book earlier. But one more important thing. For men like us is the smell. Because if all of you look good. But it has an unpleasant odor, so everything can collapse immediately.


One must admit that the “scent” you choose can clearly identify your identity. Therefore, I want to do not like a lot of Understated Style, try to find the smell that can identify you the most. Just walk through it, you can tell the story as you do not have to try it.

Before the smell. Did you know that? When we say “smell”, it has the level of “smell”, which English will call these levels “Note”, can be divided into three levels.

Top Note is the first smell that comes to us. So, when you use a spray on a perfume or perfume, then go somewhere where you smell Top Note to do it for girls. Look back

When it comes to Top Note fragrance, the girls will start to accustom to the smell of your top note, and it’s time to smell it. The smell of Middle Note is said to result in a sense of smell. The smell of flowers may be sweet, etc. This smell will stay with us for about 3 – 6 hours after the perfume.

For the last scent It is the smell that stuck with us throughout the day sure enough. No matter what you do, it will smell. And it will smell the girls. Will remember your smell.

So when you choose perfume, spray or roll-on, this level of odor is used to choose fragrances, such as Ax Black is a key ingredient to fine-tuning. To achieve a unique level of smell for men.

From the smell to the feeling. We can also divide the scent into 9 big scents, which Sanook! Men will offer you. To be a guide for choosing a unique smell. Indicate your identity.

Citrus (Citrus) for men’s perfume. The smell of bass with the genus of Citrus is that the smell of citrus, lime or bergamot, etc. The perfume that the bass in this group provides a mild fragrance.

Lavender Lavender is considered to be one of the oldest fragrances in the world. Which is said to be most suitable for daily use too. Because the fragrance is refreshing.

Chypre is derived from the name of one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus. The smell of the base, the smell of clean fresh, like the freshness of the Mediterranean, which is the source of this fragrance.

Fougere may sound a little strange. Because we know that ferns do not smell! But the smell of bass with fern is moss smell of oak. Or smell wood.
Oceanic (Oceanic). The smell of this family is mainly due to the synthesis. Blend the smell that we can not pack it. Like fresh sea scent Or the smell of morning air on the mountain, etc.

Oriental aroma of amber, bark, vanilla, vanilla is the group in this family. It gives a deep feeling when it smells.

Spicy aroma (Spicy) is the smell of spices such as pepper, cinnamon cloves, Mediterranean basil leaves, etc. will give a warm feeling.

Woody The scent of bark is a seductive scent of the scent of cedar grass, which is a popular fragrance for men.

Leather The smell of this family will provide a deep sense of depth, like the smell of water, soil from burning birch trees. It has a sweet aroma combined with a deep smoky smell. It is used in making men’s cologne.
This is just part of the smell. It’s important for a man’s personality like we are no less. Sanook! Men hope you can apply this knowledge to yourself. To get a sense of smell that is right for you and a unique identity. May cause girls. Crazy just walk you through!

15 Great Messenger Bags

For men Where to put the backpack on the road. If you are a teenager then. Many men would feel that. It will not be very suitable. But to keep a briefcase. Instead of being a tourist, it becomes more like a cell phone, so the choice is more likely. Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag What is the middle of the packets? With briefcase It makes the viewer comfortable, but you have to choose the right to put on. And fit in your fashion.


The 15 models of this series are available. It is the best model to find in the market. At a cost-effective price level Not too much to invest.

Mobile Edge 17.3-Inch Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag
This model can fit a 15-inch laptop comfortably. Canvas material mixed with leather. Make it look classic, not obsolete, also versatile. Ideal for both camping. tourism Or anywhere else, the price of this luggage is US $ 35.99.

Kattee Handmade Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase Messenger Bag
If you are thinking of buying a Messenger Bag, use one. This is one good choice. Because there is a place to store laptops. This model is of the Mobile Edge brand, big enough to fit a large laptop. There are still enough leftovers to put on books or anything else. Of course It is environmentally friendly material. The price of this model is 35.03 USD.

GEARONIC TM Men’s Military Shoulder Messenger Bag
It’s a very special case for this model. In addition to its size, it is large enough to accommodate standard laptops. They can also put other small devices together. There is a large outside compartment to store the items. The sash can be adjusted up to 55 inches, so do not worry about how to hold or shoulder in any way. The price of this model is 128.99 US dollars.

CoolBell 15.6-Inch Laptop Bag
This bag Can be called Suitable for all things Made of waterproof material And foam cushions. If accidentally fall or fall It’s still peace of mind. Do not put the inside of the broken broken. Generally, this style bag. It costs about US $ 170, but Amazon sells only US $ 32.99, which is quite good.

Samsonite Classic Business Laptop Bag
Just the name of many brands is classic. Works well with business. Large enough for a 17-inch laptop with two large zipped compartments, a pocket that can be used as a souvenir. And briefcase But it will give a bit of businessmen, the price is 45.96 US dollars.

Ibagbar Small Canvas Shoulder Bag
For the Messenger bag. We do not care much about the size of it. Because great It’s a lot of stuff, but some people may want to hold something right. And look designed This model is a good choice. Because the size is not large, only 10 inches, the price is $ 22.99.

Urban Life Men’s Black Military Canvas Messenger Bag
The advantage of this bag is that it is 17.3 inches and has 12 separate compartments with water bottles. This style bag You can use it in many situations. And almost everywhere, the price is $ 31.97.

Clean Vintage 15-inch Laptop Hybrid Backpack Briefcase
This is a hybrid bag. Available as a backpack. Document bag And the Messenger bag is available for all occasions. A versatile bag that costs only US $ 34.99.

Komal’s Passion Leather 16-Inch Vintage Leather Messenger Bag
This bag Large enough to fit a variety of luggage. And also a vintage bag made of leather. Who does not like nylon bag. Let’s change into a style that looks good with style. Made with good quality film taste good price is 89.99 US dollars.

Filberry Messenger Diaper Bag
It was called a diaper bag. Because there is a box to put the baby can put down, but of course this bag. It’s not a popular bag for a novice dude, but men like to buy it too. Its price is US $ 69.99.

NeatPack Versatile Canvas Sling Bag
This small bag is a versatile bag. Can shoulder shoulder Used as a Messenger Bag. Or waist Take out to ride the bike is still the price is 29.95 US dollars.

Qipi Messenger Bag
Everyone likes to say that the good looks, sometimes it is not easy, but not for this bag. Because it will look good. There are also a variety of slots. The review was made on Amazon and scored 4.9 out of 5 points. Anyone who has tried to say that love the price of this version is only 27.99 US dollars.

Wowbox Messenger Satchel Bag
Although it is a vintage or retro movie, it’s really up-to-date. Magnetic stripe There is a storage compartment for important items. And big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop without any other bag. Both are useful around. Typically, the price of this purse will be more than US $ 70. But for this model, the price is 45.99 US dollars.

KomalC 15-Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag
This version is made from buffalo leather. It is a unique hand. It is different from other luggage, storage capacity, and laptops. This model has been rated at 4.9 out of 5 as well. The price is $ 94.99.

18-Inch Rustic Leather Messenger Bag
It’s a 18-inch bag at the very center of the bag. Put a large laptop comfortably, also look good with a classic movie. Who would like to see Amazon to score a full 5 ever for this model. Its price is US $ 74.99.


Color your Hair

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New Styling Collections

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